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The Kitra Saga #2

Gideon Marcus || Paperback || 9781951320140

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Hugo Award Finalist Gideon Marcus has done it again with this second installment in The Kitra Saga. Sirena is a thrilling YA space adventure, unusually hopeful and optimistic in a sea of grimdark, dystopian releases. Enhanced with beautiful illustrations, fans of Becky Chambers’ Wayfarers and Emily Skrutskie’s Bonds of Brass will adore Sirena.

Young captain-for-hire Kitra Yilmaz has gotten her first contract: escort the mysterious Princess of Atlántida beyond the Frontier and find her a new world. It’s a risky job, fraught with the threat of pirates, dangerous squatters, and rising romantic tensions.

Still, Kitra and her crew are up for anything – until they find a lush world, perfect for settlement…with an enormous ghost ship already in orbit.

What secret does the crippled vessel hide? And is Kitra ready to take responsibility for its precious cargo?

With illustrations by Lorelei Esther.

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About the Author

Founder of Journey Press, an independent publisher focused on unusual and diverse speculative fiction, three time Hugo Finalist Gideon Marcus also runs the time machine project, Galactic Journey. He is a professional space historian, member of the American Astronautical Society&#39;s history committee.<p><br></p>In 2019, he edited <em>Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958-1963) </em>a seminal anthology of some of the best works of science fiction&rsquo;s Silver Age. His most recent works, <em>Kitra </em>and <em>Sirena</em>, comprise books one and two of a YA space adventure featuring themes of isolation, teamwork, and hope, and starring a queer protagonist of color.<p><br></p>Gideon lives in San Diego County with his writer/editor wife, Janice, and their polymath artist daughter, Lorelei&hellip;along with a cat, a snake, and an immense library. He is currently hard at work on <em>Hyvilma</em>, third book in the Kitra Saga.