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Collected Narratives

Collected Narratives

The Collected Narratives of Witches, Dolls & Other Associated Entities

Alexandra Moonlight || Paperback || 9798988661009

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NOTE: This is a pre-order product with an anticipated release of Q1 2024. All pre-ordered copies will be signed before being sent out. As an additional benefit, pre-orders will also receive complimentary download keys for the e-book version.

In a distant past, the first doll is made from patchwork and cord, given life by a wish for more.

In a distant future, witches fight a never-ending war across the stars to protect humanity against relentless corruption.

Somewhere in between, a boy conducts an arcane ritual to save the one he loves.

Countless stories and lives coexist with one another through the unreal world, but so often they find companionship with one another in their similarities. Who and what is called a witch may change, whether they know dollish familiars or fae adversaries may differ, but the hunger for knowledge is eternal. Archivists will always exist to preserve the stories of old and new alike, to pass on knowledge to their own and others.

This is a collection of exactly that knowledge. Stories of dolls that know nothing but combat and of dolls who spend their days idly musing to themselves. Narratives of witches with incomparable power and of witches who knew nothing but failure. Tales of traitorous family and of unlikely saviors.

In so many worlds and so many eras, little can be said to be truth; some things, though, may yet be truer than others.

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