About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a sorely needed niche in Wichita's bookstores: a physical vendor of queer-focused works, especially those of authors that are often ignored or go uncarried by mainstream bookstores due to lack of reach or smaller audiences. We seek to promote queer authors and often work with smaller and independent publishers to get physical copies of uncommon works that wouldn't normally grace bookshelves.

Our future goals are to expand this store to a brick-and-mortar location at Wichita's riverside area, and through that, provide a location for customers to come by, hang out, and find books that call to their inner selves.

The Owners

Lilith (left) & Alex (right)
Lilith [it/she] & Alex Tackett [she/it] are a trans lesbian couple living in Wichita with their six-year-old son.
Alex was born-and-raised in Wichita, while Lilith is Tennessean by birth but also spent significant portions of her life in South Carolina & Texas.
Disheartened with the relative lack of queer hangout spaces in town other than the night scene and with a combined love of both reading and writing, they want to fill a niche that feels sorely in need of filling in Wichita.

Personal Works

Lily & Alex both maintain their own personal websites where their writings and essays are contained, as well as links to personal social media.

Lily can be found at A Familiar's Tome, while Alex can be found at Moonlit Fiction.