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Sibyl Sue Blue

Sibyl Sue Blue

Rosel George Brown || Paperback || 9781951320089

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Stop a murder, save two planets!

Who she is: Sibyl Sue Blue, single mom, undercover detective, and damn good at her job.

What she wants: to solve the mysterious benzale murders, prevent more teenage deaths, and maybe find her long-lost husband.

How she'll get it: seduce a millionaire, catch a ride on his spaceship, and crack the case at the edge of the known galaxy.

A thrilling, ground breaking story of mystery, crime, action and romance!

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About the Author

Hugo Finalist Rosel George Brown exploded onto the science fiction scene in 1958, regularly appearing in <em>The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction</em>, <em>Amazing Stories</em>, <em>Fantastic Universe</em> and elsewhere. Two of her best stories were published in Journey Press&#39; <em>Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958-1963)</em>.<p><br></p>Her hit 1966 novel, <em>Sibyl Sue Blue</em> a.k.a. <em>Galactic Sibyl Sue Blue</em>, poised her at the edge of superstardom. Sadly, her life was cut short by lymphoma in 1967, snuffing out one of the brightest lights of science fiction&rsquo;s Silver Age. It has been Journey&#39;s pleasure to &ldquo;rediscover&rdquo; this lost luminary, bringing her work to life for a modern audience.