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Constelis Voss 3

K. Leigh M. || Paperback || 9781736805329

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What if saving the world meant becoming the villain and ruining the lives of everyone you've ever loved? Would you do it?

In the third volume of CONSTELIS VOSS, the cast finds themselves struggling to make sense of all they've been through, who they are, and even their newfound fantastical powers.

Uncertainty abounds, more ancient backstories are revealed, and the script is finally opened up to showcase just who is truly pulling the strings. Tyr isn't their greatest enemy after all, despite forcing a conflict with the cast, and a curious alien diplomat.

Flanked on all sides by enemies, can the heroes of CONSTELIS VOSS truly own their powers and overcome all odds? Or will they be stuck in the twisted perpetual loop of a dying, broken machine?

Find out in the final installment of the CONSTELIS VOSS trilogy. It's nice to meetcha', finally.

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About the Author

K. Leigh is a bisexual disaster, 33-year-old once-painter, sometimes-freelancer, and forever-artist living in Providence, RI. They write hopeful-tragic LGBT+ stories full of funny, horrible characters, in various genres. They make art like breathing, play way too many video games, and they might even hold the opinion that entertainment and art can actually change the world, if you do it right.