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Otherside Picnic (Manga) Volume 1

Otherside Picnic (Manga) Volume 1

Otherside Picnic (Manga) #1

Iori Miyazawa || Paperback || 9781646091065

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In this sci-fi/fantasy survival thriller, the dangerous and deadly realm of the Otherside—where urban legends, cryptids, and folkloric legends roam—calls to two women, both in search of something. As they set out to sate their curiosity and explore this other world, will the most earth-shattering thing they discover on the Otherside be their feelings for each other?

While on the trail of alleged paranormal activity, amateur urban explorer, depressed college student, and all-around loner Sorawo discovers a door to a curious destination—the Otherside. There, she has a near-miss with a creature both repulsive and mesmerizing...but before she can fall prey to the strange beast, the beautiful Toriko comes to her rescue! What horrors await the pair as they continue to explore this parallel world and its bizarre and dangerous denizens?!

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About the Author

Miyazawa was born in Akita Prefecture and currently lives in Nerima Ward, Tokyo. He made his debut in 2011 with the full-length novel series <em>Boku no Maken, ga Urusai Ken ni Tsuite</em>. He is a member of the Adventure Planning Service, and under the name Walkeri, he has also created world settings and replays for tabletop RPGs such as <em>SATASUPE </em>and <em>inSANe</em>, which are both published by Shinkigensha Co., Ltd.<br>He is interested in martial arts, ghosts, and paleontology. His favorite weapons are Japanese swords and African throwing knives. He is a big fan of science fiction novels, such as <em>Nightfall </em>by Isaac Asimov and <em>Heads </em>by Greg Bea.<br>In 2015, he won the 6th Sogen SF Short Story Prize Edition for <em>Kamigami no Hohō</em>.