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Kill 6 Billion Demons, Book 2

Kill 6 Billion Demons, Book 2

Kill 6 Billion Demons #2: Wielder of Names

Tom Parkinson-Morgan || Paperback || 9781534306455

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In this collection of the second major arc of the popular webcomic Kill 6 Billion Demons, woefully out-of-place sorority sister Allison Ruth and angelic lawman '82 White Chain' must struggle against their own fears in a fateful clash with one of the seven evil masters of creation.

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About the Author

Abbadon a.k.a. Tom Parkinson-Morgan is the author and illustrator of the webcomic and graphic novel Kill Six Billion Demons. For a few years he preferred to remain pseudoanonymous, only publicly revealing that his name was Tom[1] and that he was then living in Japan for work-related reasons.[2][3]

With the publication of the print edition of Kill Six Billion Demons by Image Comics the name of Tom Parkinson-Morgan was revealed and credited as the creator of the graphic novel.

At present, Abbadon is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.