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Emptied Spaces

Emptied Spaces

An Empty Spaces Anthology

Alexandra Moonlight || Paperback || 9798218083175

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NOTICE: This anthology is currently out-of-print, but you can purchase a digital version at our Itch page.

Seller's Note: This anthology is being sold at-cost. Any excess profits produced by it will be donated to the Trans Lifeline, a 501c3 hotline that provides emotional support for trans and queer individuals.

Content Warning: This book contains sexual content, discussion of abuse and trauma, as well as instances of gore, death, consumption, rape, dissociation, blood, insects, and body horror

Empty Spaces

It’s less a loose collective of writers and artists than it is a way to describe the shared themes and motifs resonating through them. It’s an angle of approach and the tint of the light and the sound of a doll crying in the other room, just far enough away that you can’t help her. It’s a fallen angel smoking on the overpass and thinking about jumping off even though she knows it won’t kill her.

It’s about trauma, and what comes after.
-Else, @maybeelse

Emptied Spaces

A collection of forty seven stories written by twenty two authors part of the empty spaces community. Themes of (not) personhood, release of inhibition, healing through relationships, and more are explored through a plethora of worlds and lenses. Inside smokey clubs and broken workshops, from an alternate Miyagi prefecture to unknown reaches of space, dolls, angels and many other entities find their way through it all.

Alexandra Moonlight • Absent Writer Doll • Alice Grace / Bad End Doll • BIOHAKZ • DollsFrame • Else • F. Zoe Blackheart • Ghost Nouzen • Inanitalatress • isoneph• Lilith PC994-Y5459 • M13-R • Memoria Corp • Morrigan • Natalie • Nicole Carter • Rielle • River M59A1 • Story • Thimble • Verity • V.L.T. Minerva

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