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Dragons Within: Embracing Her Fire

Dragons Within: Embracing Her Fire

Theodore N. Tinker || Paperback || 9781947012097

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“People who only see the bad call us cursed. Now I have a chance to change that narrative.”

A noblewoman struggles to mind her manners when a pack of brutes manhandles her silks.

A strategist weighs the growth of her career against the fate of her humanity.

A deadly huntress questions her ability to serve as a kind, gentle leader.

Fearing execution, a sweet-natured jeweler hides a dark secret.

Journey into the world of Dragons Within and dance with a fire that flows through the veins of powerful women. Often viewed as evil and destructive, dragons lend their strength to aid their friends and loved ones. Similarly, certain traits in women are touted as unacceptable or taboo, but the women in this anthology claim those traits for their own good and the good of those around them.

A lonely healer takes on the burdens of a troubled lake and the sorrowful spirits therein. A hapless lady taken to sea turns the tide from victim to victor. A self-conscious accountant dares to delve into desires that break the rules. A puppy lover with a short fuse takes on the Underworld with a quirky conviction.

Powerfully crafted by twelve new and emerging speculative fiction authors, these tales shine a beacon of hope in the face of condemnation, giving others the courage to chase their dreams with scorching determination and impenetrable resolve. Shedding their fear, the women of Dragons Within approach the all-consuming black blaze and . . .embrace their fire.

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About the Author

Boredom has always been my worst enemy, so books have been good friends of mine, as have the stories that I've been telling myself since I was a young girl. However, it wasn't until I was thirteen, when I met someone who wrote poetry and fan fiction, that I realized I could share the stories in my mind with others.

And so, the worlds and characters filled the pages as they had filled my head for so long.

I have spent the years since then writing fantasy and horror. I actually don't enjoy reading horror because I'm a scaredy cat, but the few horror stories I've written are my translation of the nightmares I had as a child.

As you might imagine, my main reading preference is fantasy. I enjoy the magical and seemingly impossible worlds that fill the genre, and so that is the majority of what I write. I also have a love of languages and cultures that I utilize in the creation of my worlds and stories that I feel brings them to life more fully.

It is my hope that others will find as much pleasure in reading the books I write as I have had in creating them.