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Dragons Within: Claiming Her Wings

Dragons Within: Claiming Her Wings

Theodore N. Tinker || Paperback || 9781947012806

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“In a world full of princesses, always be a dragon.”

A disillusioned demon hunter runs from her power. A deposed queen must consider the consequences of reclaiming her throne. A special agent faces the flames of injustice in a gut-wrenching trial. A medical mystery turns into a pursuit of dragons—across space and time.

Welcome to Dragons Within: a fiery, quick-paced collection of stories featuring twelve women with dragon-like traits who hold untapped magic and power within. Some are full-blooded dragons, while others are simply human—but each carries the spirit of a dragon. Bringing together the fantastical and the mundane, the unique stories in this anthology span a wide range, from trial by magic and first encounters between human and dragon—to facing writer’s block and harnessing the power of language.

A little girl navigates bullying, grief, and fair-weather friends while learning to embrace her inner dragon. A fashionista hunts for a one-of-a-kind piece to display in her closet. An encounter with mystical horse-like beings awakens a former rodeo star’s true magic. The spirit of a dragon shines forth during a mother’s grueling battle with cancer.

Thoughtfully crafted by twelve new and emerging speculative fiction authors, these stories create a broad, limitless sky where individuals embrace their personal magic and rise. In the face of self-doubt, cunning, and fear, the women in Dragons Within must vanquish both inner and outer foes . . . claim their wings—and fly.

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About the Author

Boredom has always been my worst enemy, so books have been good friends of mine, as have the stories that I've been telling myself since I was a young girl. However, it wasn't until I was thirteen, when I met someone who wrote poetry and fan fiction, that I realized I could share the stories in my mind with others.

And so, the worlds and characters filled the pages as they had filled my head for so long.

I have spent the years since then writing fantasy and horror. I actually don't enjoy reading horror because I'm a scaredy cat, but the few horror stories I've written are my translation of the nightmares I had as a child.

As you might imagine, my main reading preference is fantasy. I enjoy the magical and seemingly impossible worlds that fill the genre, and so that is the majority of what I write. I also have a love of languages and cultures that I utilize in the creation of my worlds and stories that I feel brings them to life more fully.

It is my hope that others will find as much pleasure in reading the books I write as I have had in creating them.