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Cat Wishes

Cat Wishes

Alex Zandra Van Chestein || Saddlestitch ||

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Gods aren’t exactly common, but there are a lot of them, it turns out. If a person sees a god, it usually means the latter is in trouble—the modern world has many mysteries the gods haven’t completely figured out. But some charitable person is inevitably around to help out these flustered deities, who then invariably grant these kind souls a wish.

And if a lot of wishes are being granted at once, well, it's easy to lose track of what you want.

Cat Wishes is my second light novel, this time about a small group of friends, divine intervention, and the ups and downs of their day to day life as they adjust to some pretty dramatic changes. As always, it's full of personal growth, self-discovery, and a lot of gender feels.

Please enjoy, and let's keep making wonderful things together.

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About the Author

Game designer, writer & more; host of @gushcast; @ChariotGame; Giant ROM game jam; transgenderrific; enthusiastically gay; she/her; hey hi you're awesome!